Noordeen Malango

Co-Founder & CEO

Noordeeen is an artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing enthusiast. He has a Bachelor of science in Computer Science Degree from University of Malawi, Chancellor College. He is both driven and self-motivated, and he is constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques.


COO & Co-Founder

An experienced, dedicated AI, legaltech, blockchain, RPA and Automation events organiser. Over 8 years seminar and conference management Experienced in designing business development plan for AI firms & startups .
Specialities: AI and Legaltech events, blockchain, RPA and Test Automation events .

Haroon Twalibu

Data Scientist

Haroon graduated from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College with a bachelor of science degree in computer science. A believer in the notion of continuous learning, he is interested in the areas of machine learning, data munging and data visualisation.

Ndiza Ngalawango

Content Creator

Ndiza has Bachelors degree in education science from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College.

Vanessa Narciso

Software development Intern

Vanessa has a diploma in computing from National College of information technology. She occasionally writes quotes and loves getting involved in the artistic world.